Basic Rules

What follows is the basic stuff you should know before using this website:

1. The Ground Floor Basics

This website is maintained by Michael Garcia (the founder of Code44). Before you leave you should read our Terms of Use / Disclaimer as well. In the following there are references to “we”, “us”, or “Code44,” which represents the author and owner of this website. People who are viewing or interacting with this site will be referred to as “you”, “hey you”, “you’s guys” or where appropriate “asshat” (but only if you’re being bad). What you’re reading is meant to be slightly more casual (and humorous) about what you can and can’t do on our website. This website is meant to be educational and showcase the services of Code44, but we also want to protect our intellectual works and the works of others that may also be on our website.

2. We Pity the Fool Who Does These Things on Our Website

The Basic Do’s and Don’t’s:

  • Don’t try to infect users with viruses (virtual or otherwise), malware, etc. Hacking computers and servers can be fun, but please go put your skills to better use.
  • Don’t spam our website or its users.
  • Don’t copy or steal anything from this site without asking us first. We’ll tell you if it’s legal or allowed.
  • Don’t fart and blame it on the dog. He can smell it the strongest and that should be punishment enough.
  • Don’t let your kids drink toilet water. Seriously, that’s gross.
  • Do be happy and cheerful and nice to everyone.

Follow our rules and we’ll let you stay (unless you’re really clever and do something that isn’t in the rules that we don’t like). If you’re naughty, we may ban you from the site, take you to court, or tell Santa not to bring you any presents.

3. Intellectual Property

Everything on our site is OURS (or something we used with permission). We are the mean kid from pre-school who doesn’t like to share. What are we not sharing? Our “Content,” which includes all images, video, audio, written material, and code that isn’t open-source or listed under a free-use license. This content is protected under US Copyright Law [17 U.S.C.A Section 107]. This means don’t even think of using it, or even stare at it with the intention of doing something we wouldn’t give you permission to do. Okay, you can stare, but no touching (unless you’re pretty, then maybe we’ll forgive you). If you want to use something Contact Us and we’ll let you know if we give you permission or who to ask for permission. Much, if not all, of this website is built on open-source framework, and we don’t mind helping others when we can. We recommend hacking the starter theme available at

In the future, we may add a blog or forum. Please don’t post other people’s content (same definition as aforementioned) on this website without their permission or we’ll take it down. If something appears on our site that is yours, contact us and once we verify your identity and proof of ownership, we’ll fix the problem.

Please don’t copy or use anything found on this website (e.g. logos or custom/proprietary images) without purchasing it first… when in doubt reach out!

4. Accountability & Liability

Just because you can post something doesn’t mean you should. If you happen to post something and get us in a lot of trouble (and we really hope this doesn’t happen), you will be held responsible (you can call us tattletales if you want). By posting on our site you agree to pay for any damages that may result from what you type and submit, which includes lawyer fees and any financial losses.

5. Please don’t sue us or we’ll take it personally…

We don’t like to get sued and would prefer to avoid it if we can, but that don’t mean we scurred, bruh. Have you seen the movie “2 Fast 2 Furious”? Yeah, Paul Walker and Tyrese Gibson are awful in that movie. But we digress… Oh yeah, almost forgot, we get to choose where the legal proceedings go down; probably in the state of Florida.

6. Third Parties & Our Website

Any links to a third party are not our responsibility, as well as incoming links. We can’t control what other websites do (although sometimes we wish we could), so we’re not liable for whatever happens to your computer or device or you and your mental health by visiting them. Then again, we’re not liable for whatever happens to you by visiting our website! Life’s not fair is it? This means using our website is completely at your own risk and we’re not liable for any damages or problems whatsoever. However, we do promise we’ll do everything we can (within reason) to keep you safe and happy. We have implemented SSL encryption to help limit breaches of information / vulnerability of traffic.

7. User Accounts & Privacy

In the future we may grant you the right to create an account (unless you break our rules or we decide that we don’t like you) and we promise to keep your stuff private (unless we really need the money [kidding!] or someone hacks our servers [not kidding… sadly this can happen, but we do take steps to prevent it]). The founder of this website believes strongly in discretion and privacy, and so we’ll do our best to keep your information YOUR information, and no one else’s. Of course, WE (Michael) may look at your private stuff and get a good laugh or two, but we promise not to show it to anyone you might know (Just Kidding! Passwords will be properly encrypted in our database and we do respect privacy). Also, you should keep your passwords and hints to yourself and try to use a password that is 8 characters or longer; just some friendly advice from us to you.

We really hope you enjoy this website and want to help anywhere we can.

If you have a question don’t hesitate to ask!

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