Surgical precision for your digital needs.

Semi-Custom Website


$500 $ 400
  • Customized Theme*
  • 6 Plugins Available*
20% OFF

Full-Custom Website


$1000 $ 700
  • Customized Theme*
  • 6 Plugins Included*
  • User-Friendly Customization
30% OFF
Note: I encourage all potential clients to insist upon a “half now, half upon completion” payment arrangement when contracting with web developers and IT professionals (unless circumstances dictate another arrangement is better or commonplace). This provides an incentive for on-time completion and dedication to quality. After witnessing and hearing about experiences of family and friends who paid in full after signing a contract or agreement, I have come to the conclusion that paying the entirety of the cost up-front is potentially hazardous. In fact, I have seen companies hold a website ransom until extra transfer fees are paid. For this reason, whenever a website or service is completed I will always provide a fully working copy (or the necessary administrative access) upon final payment and project completion (no hidden fees or add-on costs). In the case of services that may potentially be bundled together with other clients (e.g. sharing a CDN account to reduce cost), I will provide all the necessary instruction to setup a separate account.

While I don’t claim to be a great artist, I do have great familiarity with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I feel skilled enough to design a “good” logo (for example, the logo for Code44); however, I always encourage clients to seek out a truly gifted full-time graphic designer/artist. But if you’re on a budget or plan to re-brand in the future (or maybe you feel I can create the style and look you’re after), I am happy to do whatever is required. I typically charge $25 per hour for graphic design work and it usually takes 10 or more hours of total work to produce a logo. Client feedback is always critical for the process.


This is the process of building (i.e. coding) and managing a website. Of course, the depth of my involvement and the tools used may vary from project to project. For example, some clients want a semi-custom WordPress website, while others might want (or need) a completely custom website built on CodeIgniter. Each framework or content management system is different with strengths and weaknesses for various applications. One website might only take 10 to 20 hours to complete, while others can take 100 hours or more. I usually like to provide a quote for the entire project because the client then knows exactly how much everything will cost. It almost always works out cheaper than if I were to bill hourly.

A typical semi-custom WordPress website usually costs $500. For a $100 fee, I will setup and install WordPress or other CMS/framework on any web host of your choosing, configure domain, email, and network settings (e.g. using Google Apps), configure ftp access, and security harden any installations. After your website is up and running I will continue to monitor, backup, and update your website for $100 per year.

Example Cost for Website

  • Domain Name Registration: ~$10
  • Web Hosting: ~$75 per year
  • Google Apps for Work (Gmail, Calendar, etc): $5 per user per month
  • Installation and Setup: $100
  • WordPress Website (Semi-Custom): $500
  • Year of Updates & Backups: $100
  • Total: ~$600 + ~$195/year

I can help you setup an online store with WordPress – typically WooCommerce or WP easycart are popular choices – or other service if your prefer. There are many options, such as Shopify, Wix, Weebly, BigCommerce and SquareSpace. These websites are specifically geared towards the sale of products and services.


I am always happy to consult and answer or explain any questions you may have. I do not charge for consultations unless the client asks for me to act as an official liaison or provide extended (greater than 1 hour) or in-person training or consultation.


I also offer research, setup, and management services for SEO, Google Ads, and/or other marketing and search engine campaigns, such as Yelp, Facebook or Instagram. Typically, the initial research and optimization process will take place over the course of a few days to weeks. During this time we will work together to determine a best plan to drive more traffic to your website and/or convert visitors into clients for your business. This may entail how much you want to spend on for an ads campaign. I will continue to manage, adjust, and provide reports for ad campaigns and website analytics for a small monthly fee (~$100) depending on your needs and the size of your campaign. Most importantly, my fee is separate from any Ad campaigns, so you will know exactly how much is being spent, where that money is going, and if it is benefiting your business and website popularity. Of course, I always tell clients the best way to drive traffic to your website is to provide unique and helpful content that visitors want to see and read.


Strategy is often a free service that comes along with whatever other service you require. One of the first questions I should hopefully ask is “what do you want to accomplish with your website/logo (or other service)? The end goal is most important. I need to what makes up the core of your business and your ultimate business goals to best serve your interests.


Setting up a Content Delivery Network [CDN] is the most common service in this area. A CDN allows your website content to be quickly served to visitors all over the world. Most CDN companies charge ~$10 per month for a certain amount of bandwidth transfer (measured in gigabyte [GB] or terabyte [TB]) – and this lower tier of service is usually sufficient for most small businesses or personal websites. If you need a unique storage solution there are many other services that we can discuss.


Medical compliance can be very complicated. I can help make sure you are following the rules. For example, HIPAA compliant servers (those that handle patient health information) must be locked up in physically separate rack-space, storage should be encrypted, and any transmission (particularly if accessible via external network) must also be encrypted. Even how you respond to online reviews and where data is kept must be HIPAA compliant. It is also best to have a privacy officer as a member of your staff, who can respond to any complaints quickly.

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